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MONTREUX, Switzerland, July 5 (AP)-A world Jewish leader warned tonight that anti-Semitic rioting may break out soon in Germany.

Dr. Nahum Goldmann, chairman of the organization’s executive, told the closing session of the World Jewish Congress that attacks by Western Zone Germans against Jewish displaced persons were expected at any moment. He urged that Allied occupation authorities take “firm precautionary measures.”

During the past few days, Goldmann said, the Congress has received “from a highly-placed personality in Germany the grave news of violent anti-Semitic agitation which in some German cities, especially in the Western Zone, constitutes a serious threat to the lives and security of Jewish displaced persons.”

An unidentified delegate-a displaced person-spoke up from the audience. He said the anti-Semitic rioting was feared because of allegedly systematic rumors and a press campaign accusing Jewish displaced persons of profiteering with the new currency in Germany’s Western Zones and benefiting from the monetary reform, while German people suffered.

Earlier, a plenary session of the congress approved unanimously a resolution defining the principles of the congress policies. The resolution previously had caused a 25-hour deadlock in the congress political committee between Communist and anti-Communist delegations.

The dispute was centered mainly on the use of doubtful political expressions. In a series of closed meetings yesterday, delegates from Communist nations insisted on the use of expressions such as “progressive” and “truly democratic” which the Western delegates regarded as having a controversial meaning.

The resolution as finally adopted contained none of these expressions, and was regarded as a Western victory.

The resolution declared-

1-That the Jewish people desire to “live in equality and dignity in a world of peace, democracy and international co-operation.”

2-That the independence and security of the state of Israel and the elimination of Fascism are primary conditions of Jewish survival.

3-That the development of mankind can be achieved only in a united world and that the Jewish people view with grave concern developments dividing the world into conflicting and antagonistic spheres of interest.

4-That the Jewish people are resolved to co-operate with all democratic groups “for the advancement of democracy and for the right of all human beings to security, peace and liberty.”

5-That it is the responsibility of all governments to eliminate anti-Semitism and other forms of racial discrimination.