August 31st, 1955 Cairo Radio


Cairo Radio:

Egypt has decided to dispatch her heroes, the disciples of Pharoah and the sons of Islam, and they will cleanse the land of Palestine. Therefore ready yourselves; shed tears, cry out and weep, o Israel, because near is your day of liquidation. Thus we have decided and thus is our belief. There will be no more complaints and protests, neither to the Security Council, nor to the United Nations, nor to the armistice commission. Nor will there be peace on the border because we demand vengeance and the vengeance is Israel’s death.

“The Egyptian Fedayeen have begun their activities inside the territory of Israel after repeated clashes on the border during the past week. The Egyptian Fedayeen have penetrated into Jewish settlements spread out in the Negev to Beersheba and Ashkelon at a distance of 40 kilometers from the Egyptian border, and have taught the aggressive Israelis a lesson they will not forget. The Egyptian Fedayeen sowed fear and consternation among the citizens of Israel.”

Source: Regional Development for Regional Peace: A New Policy and Program to Counter the Soviet Menace in the Middle East, Washington, DC: Public Affairs Institute, 1957

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