January 17, 1957 Egyptians and the Sinai Campaign



In her statement to the UN General Assembly, Golda Meir, then Foreign Minister Of Israel, recited the many violations and acts of bad faith by the Egyptians that led to the Sinai Campaign and its aftermath.  Speaking of the fedayeen, she said:

A similar fate has befallen the injunction of the General Assembly in its 2 November resolution “to desist from raids across the armistice lines in the neighbouring territory.”  Fedayeen gangs, operating in neighbouring countries under Egyptian direction, continue to spread death and havoc throughout our countryside. SINCE 3 DECEMBER WHEN THE CAIRO RADIO ANNOUNCED THE INTENTION OF THE NASSER REGIME TO CONDUCT RAIDS INTO ISRAEL THROUGHOUT THE WINTER, SOME 30 ASSAULTS HAVE BEEN COMMITTED.  The official media of information in Egypt have reported these attacks in boastful communiqués.  It is evident that in this respect, too, Egypt claims the fulfillment of Assembly resolutions by others, without any parallel acts of compliance on her part.

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