February 28, 1940 British Restrict Land Transfer

In February  1940, the government promulgated land transfers regulations under which the country was divided into three zones. In the largest of these zones, all transfers of land to persons other that Palestinian Arabs were prohibited, except, where certain specific conditions obtain with the permission of high commissioner. In the second zone,  Palestinian Arabs were forbidden to transfer their land except to another Palestinian Arab or with the specific approval of the High commissioner. No restrictions were placed upon the transfer of land in a third and smaller zone,(e.g. Thus Jewish land purchases were restricted to 400 square miles or 1% of the 1920 Palestine Mandate; Including a considerable part of the coastal plain and all municipal areas. These Regulations gave effect to the land clauses of the May 23rd, 1939 White Paper.

Source: The Political History of Palestine under British Administration (Memorandum by His Britannic Majesty’s Government Presented in July , 1947, to the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine) Published at Jerusalem 1947