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1 Enoch 93: Enoch’s Vision of the Future

Greco-Roman Period
Lawrence H. Schiffman, Texts and Traditions, Ktav, Hoboken 1998, p.340-341 and Revised Standard Version of the Bible, Apocrypha, copyright 1957 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

This section constitutes the introductory part of the Epistle of Enoch, a letter from him to his
spiritual descendants. It contrasts the sinners and the righteous. The initial section schematizes
human history from Enoch to the end of days.

The Apocalypse of Weeks

93-1 Then after that Enoch happened to be recounting from the books. 2 And Enoch said,
“Concerning the children of righteousness, concerning the elect ones of the world, and
concerning the plant of truth, I will speak these things, my children, verily I, Enoch, myself, and
let you know (about it) according to that which was revealed to me from the heavenly vision, that
which I have learned from the words of the holy angels, and understood from the heavenly
tablets.” 3 He then began to recount from the books and said, “I was born the seventh during the
first week, during which time judgment and righteousness continued to endure. 4 After me there
shall arise in the second week great and evil things; deceit should grow, and there the first
consummation will take place. But therein (also) a (certain) man shall be saved. After it is ended,
injustice shall become greater, and he shall make a law for the sinners.

5 “Then after that at the completion of the third week a (certain) man shall be elected as the
plant of the righteous judgment, and after him one (other) shall emerge as the eternal plant of
righteousness. 6 After that at the completion of the fourth week visions of the old and righteous
ones shall be seen; and a law shall be made with a fence, for all the generations. 7 After that in
the fifth week, at the completion of glory, a house and a kingdom shall be built. 8 After that in
the sixth week those who happen to be in it shall all of them be blindfolded, and the hearts of
them all shall forget wisdom. Therein, a (certain) man shall ascend. And, at its completion, the
house of the kingdom shall be burnt with fire; and therein the whole clan of the chosen root shall
be dispersed. 9 After that in the seventh week an apostate generation shall arise; its deeds shall
be many, and all of them criminal. At its completion, there shall be elected the elect ones of
righteousness from the eternal plant of righteousness, to whom shall be given sevenfold
instruction concerning all his flock.

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