1967 Sami Hadawi, director of Institute for Palestine Studies (Beirut)


1967 Islam Says No to Jewish Homeland and State of Israel

Sami Hadawi, director of Institute for Palestine Studies (Beirut):

“The fundamental reason for Arab opposition to Zionism is based on the fact that the Muslim and Christian [Arab] inhabitants of the country could not be expected to yield to an ideology which sought to wrest – as events later proved – their homeland from them. The Arabs rejected absolutely and unanimously any attempt to destroy the Arab character of Palestine. They still do. The Arabs claim the right of a population to determine the fate of their country which they had occupied throughout history.  To them it is obvious that this rite of immemorial possession is inalienable, and that it could not be overruled either by the circumstances that Palestine has been governed by the Ottomans for 400 years, or that Britain conquered the land during World War I, or that a ‘Jewish State’ had been established in part of it by brute force.”                                                                           

Source: 34, p. 285

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