1954 ‘This Is Zionism’ – Nasser


Sometimes it is explained that the British goal was to prevent the Arabs becoming leaders of the world and that they were afraid of economic injury resulting from the loss of colonies and markets.  For instance, in the final chapter of the pamphlet This Is Zionism (beginning of 1954, the first in the Ikhtarna Lak series which appeared with an introduction by Nasser), it is explained that the British aim in establishing Israel was:

“….the breaking of the Arabs’ vigour, the rending of their unity and their infection with the Jewish cancer in a sensitive spot in the body of their nation. Britain preceded others in understanding that the Arabs were on the brink of a renaissance which would soon unite their ranks and their aims, and restore them tot eh first place among the nations of the world.  Britain realized the harm this would do her, for it would lead to the loss of what she exploited in her Asian and African colonies, and, as a result, her Empire would collapse.”

The postscript to This is Zionism states:

We must realize that our first enemy in this struggle [against Israel] is not the Jews alone, but first and foremost the English and their American allies, and afterwards the Jews, and so on with other enemies in Eastern and Western Europe.”

Source: 36, p. 146-148

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