1300-1400: Pilgrimages


Cave of the Patriarchs, HebronThe Christian monk Jacques of Verona visited the Land of Israel in 1322 and wrote about the importance of hiring local Jewish guides to locate ancient forts and towns. The Jewish pilgrim Isaac ben Joseph ibn Chelo reported that the Jews of Jerusalem were numerous and expressed his disappointment in not being allowed to visit the Temple Mount or the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron.

  1. 1322 The Temple Mount- Jewish Guides from Gaza, Ramleh and Safed
  2. 1333 The Jews of Jerusalem
  3. 1334 Isaac ben Joseph ibn Chelo
  4. 1335 The Jews of Jerusalem
  5. 1344 The Jews of Jerusalem
  6. 1347 The Jews of Jerusalem
  7. 1395 Pilgrims, Visitors and Immigrant

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