1100-1200: Records of Travelers


Tower_of_DavidA small Jewish community lived in the Land of Israel during the 12th century. Records of travelers to the Holy Land attest to its existence. On May 14th 114, the famous scholar and poet Judah HaLevi sailed from Alexandria to Israel. Tragically, he died soon afterwards in Crusader Jerusalem. Maimonides, a commentator, philosopher, physician and Jewish legal author, visited the Temple Mount and prayed there in 1165. World traveler Benjamin of Tudela reported in 1170 that there were about 200 Jews living in Jerusalem near the Tower of David.

  1. 1085-1141 Judah HaLevi
  2. 1144 Blood Libel in England
  3. 1160 Arab Refugees
  4. 1165 The Rambam Praying at Ruins of “the Temple” on Temple Mount
  5. 1170 The Western Wall
  6. 1170 Benjamin of Tudela
  7. 1180 The Travels of Rabbi Petachiah of Ratisbon
  8. October 1187 Kurdish Muslim Saladin Defeats Crusaders; Maimonides is his Physician

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