Arab-Jewish Warfare3 Bombs Dropped on Jaffa—Woman and Children Leave Jerusalem Jewish Area.

Jerusalem, March 29 (A. P.).-Bullets and bombs on a bloody holy week end killed about 100 persons and wounded 200 others throughout Palestine. By contrast, guns in Jerusalem still were silent at midday.

Official reports showed at least sixty-eight persons were slain yesterday. Unofficial quarters reported a much higher toll. The Jewish militia Haganah tallied 300 Arab casualties. Arabs spoke of heavy Jewish losses. One Jewish motor convoy was wiped out and another convoy was forced to surrender its arms.

The police said that three bombs, apparently dropped from a plane, landed today near a Greek Orthodox school in Jaffa. Nearby buildings were reported damaged slightly, but no one was hurt.

The last few women and children remaining in the battered Montefiore Jewish quarter of Jerusalem were removed over the week end. Most families left in January. Their quarters were given to Haganah troops, who have been under attack nearly every night from Arabs.
Jews Sent to Cyprus.

A Jewish agency spokesman indicated to a news conference that there is “some move in religious circles to suggest a truce for Jerusalem.” The spokesman welcomed a reported appeal by Dr. Cyrill Garbett, Archbishop of York, to the United Nations to “take at once steps necessary to save Jerusalem from destruction” in Arab-Jewish combat.

An official announcement said that 737 Jews without immigration certificates were intercepted aboard the schooner Yehiam by the British last night off Haifa. They left today for internment camps on Cyprus.

The charred bodies of seven unidentified Jews were recovered from the wreckage of a burned out armored car near Mughar Village in the coastal plain. Police stated earlier that a party of Jews attacked the village with automatic weapons and grenades.

Haganah reported today that it had destroyed what is called headquarters of Iraqi Arab soldiers at Sandala Village on the western slope of Mount Cilboa in Samaria.

Arab farmers and villagers are moving out of the Jewish region around Tel Aviv and Natanya on the Plain of Sharon. The bulk of 12,000 to 15,000 of them already were out. This move was regarded as the forerunner of full scale civil war in the Tel AvivJaffa area.