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100-200 AD: Revolt

The Bar Kokhba Revolt began as a guerrilla struggle against Rome in 132 C.E. Within a short time it had spread throughout the country, and the rebels took Jerusalem, which had not been heavily fortified by the Romans. Once the revolt was quashed by the Romans, Jews were banned from Jerusalem, but they returned to the city within a few decades. Extremely interesting during this period are the descriptions of Judaism found in the work of Cassius Dio, author of Roman History and a Roman statesman.

  1. 110 C.E. Tacitus (56 C.E. ― 120 C.E.)
  2. 130 C.E. – 217 C.E. Galen
  3. 132 C.E. ― 135 C.E. Revolt of Bar Kokhba
  4. 150 C.E. Celsus Philosophus
  5. 160 C.E. ― 230 C.E. Cassius Dio

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