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Zohar 2:238b II

Jewish Mysticism
He began his exposition, “This is the teaching regarding the burnt offering. This is the burnt offering” (Lev. 6-2). . . . The burnt offering (olah) is the ascent and the binding of the Community of Israel above, and her conjunction within the world-to-come, so that everything will be one [Cf. Zohar 2-239b]. The burnt offering is called the holy of holies, and therefore she is called olah, for she ascends and she is crowned, so that all will be unified in one joyous bond. On account of the fact that she ascends ever higher, it is written, “This is the teaching regarding the burnt offering,” zo’t torat ha-olah, the secret of male and female as one, the written Torah and the oral Torah. The burnt offering (ha‘olah), for she ascends within the world-to-come, to be bound within that which is verily called the holy of holies, and the burnt offering, too, is the holy of holies.

Translated by Elliot Wolfson in “Fore/giveness on the Way- Nesting in the Womb of Response,” Graven Images- Studies in Culture, Law, and the Sacred 4 (1998)- 153-169.

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