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Zohar 2:204a

Jewish Mysticism
When the point ascends everything is hidden, and she ascends. When she ascends, she is called shabbat. What is shabbat? The secret of the matter- When that point ascends and the light shines, she is crowned by the patriarchs. When she is crowned by the patriarchs, she is joined and united with them to become one, and she is called shabbat. Shabbat- shin bat. The secret of the three patriarchs that are united with the only daughter, and she is crowned by them, and they are one in the world-to-come. Everything is one, and this is shin bat so that everything will be one.

Translated by Elliot Wolfson in, “Coronation of the Sabbath Bride- Kabbalistic Myth and the Ritual of Androgynisation,” Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy 6 (1997)- 301-344.

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