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The Zionist Underground in Iraq Appeals to the Jews to Register for Emigration, Apr. 8, 1950, Norman Stillman, The Jews of Arab Lands in Modern Times, Jewish Publication Society, 2003.

Iraqi Jews Landing in Israel 1950Click here for more on The Creation and History of Iraq.

Saturday, April 8, 1950, 4 P.M.

A Call to the Jewish Community

O Children of Zion Residents of Babylon, Save Yourselves

For the second time in the history of this diaspora, after 2,488 years, we are hearing the echo of the historic prophecy of our prophets which brings us good tidings and warns us to leave quickly.

The Movement1 in its previous announcements to the Jewish Community requested that Jews refrain from registering to renounce their citizenship. This was a fundamental part of our general plan. The Jews stood by us admirably.

Today, we are standing before a new threshold and a great turning point in the history of this diaspora.

The hour has arrived when all of the Jews together must quickly register because this is the most important stage of our program.

Today, we have decided that we must leave this hell of exile. It is incumbent upon all of us to enter upon this practical stage and to go and register.

The movement calls upon all Jews, whatever their class, to avail themselves of this decisive opportunity.

You men and women of Israel! You are the backbone of your people and its main support. Do not let the torch be extinguished in the darkness of exile.

O Hāvēr,2 know that at this hour you are in the vanguard. You must guide the Jews and urge them to emigrate wherever possible.

O Jews, Israel is calling to you—“Get out of Babylon!”

“Nidā’ ila ’l-Yahūd,”


Ar. text in Yosef (Yehoshafat) Meir, Beyond the Desert- Underground Activities in Iraq, 1941–1951,
(Tel Aviv, 1973), p. 240 [Heb.], App.

1 That is, the underground Zionist organization.

2 The Hebrew word for “comrade” or “member,” designating members of the Movement.

p. 527

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