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The Significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls


  1. From Text to Tradition
    1. The Dead Sea Scrolls
  2. Historical surveys
    1. Shaye Cohen. “Roman Domination- The Jewish Revolt and the Destruction of the Second Temple.”
  3. Primary sources
    1. Habakkuk Pesher I-IX- The Coming of the Final Age (Martinez)
    2. The Scroll of the War of the Sons of Light against the Sons of Darkness I-II- The Thirty-Five Years War (Martinez)
    3. The Temple Scroll LVI-LVII- The Law of the King (Martinez)
    4. Miqzat Ma’ase ha-Torah- Laws of Sacrifice and Purity (Martinez)
    5. Aramaic Apocalypse I-II- The “Son of God” Text (Martinez)
    6. Psalms Scroll 22-1-15- Apostrophe to Zion
  4. Secondary sources
    1. Lawrence H. Schiffman. “The Significance of the Scrolls,” Bible Review (6:5),1990.
    2. Yigael Yadin. “The Temple Scroll—The Longest and Most Recently Discovered Dead Sea Scroll.” Biblical Archaeology Review 10, 5 (1984).
    3. Magen Broshi. “The Gigantic Dimensions of the Visionary Temple in the Temple Scroll.” Biblical Archaeology Review 13, 6 (1987).
  5. Images
    1. Detail of the Temple Scroll, Qumran, describes the ideal temple of the Dead Sea Sect.
    2. Detail of the War Scroll, Qumran, describes an apocalyptic war between the Sons of Light. and the Sons of Darkness.
    3. Detail of the Great Isaiah Scroll, the most complete Dead Sea Scroll.
    4. Head Tefillin (phylactery) from Qumran.
    5. A large mikvah (ritual bath) in Qumran.
    6. Qumran cave IV, exterior.
    7. Qumran cave IV, interior.

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