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The Roman Catholic Church—Policies—Missionizing

Medieval W. Christendom

  1. Introduction
    1. Missionizing
  2. Images
    1. Christian Preaching to Jews
    2. Christians Preaching to Jews
    3. Domus Conversorum
    4. Raymond of Penyaforte
  3. Primary Texts
    1. Pope Innocent IV, 1245 Papal Document
    2. The Barcelona Disputation, 1263, a Christian report- Contemporary Latin Narrative
    3. The Barcelona Disputation, 1263, a Jewish report- Rabbi Moses ben Nahman’s Contemporary Hebrew Narrative
    4. The Barcelona Synagogue, 1263- Rabbi Moses ben Nahman
    5. The Paris Disputation, early 1270’s, a Christian report- An Anonymous Contemporary Latin Narrative
    6. The Paris Disputation, early 1270’s, a Jewish report- An Anonymous Contemporary Hebrew Narrative
  4. Secondary Literature
    1. S. Simonsohn, The Apostolic See and the Jews- History, 228-286.
    2. R. Chazan, Daggers of Faith (Berkeley- University of California Press, 1989), 38-85.
    3. E. R. Daniel, “Abbot Joachim of Fiore and the Conversion of the Jews,” Friars and Jews in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, ed. Steven J. McMichael and Susan E. Myers (Leiden- Brill, 2004), 1-21.
    4. Y. Baer, A History of the Jews in Christian Spain, trans. Louis Schoffman et al. (2 vols.; Philadelphia- Jewish Publication Society), 2-170-243.
    5. F. Talmage, “Trauma at Tortosa- The Testimony of Abraham Rimoch,” Mediaeval Studies 47 (1985)-379-415.
  5. Videos
    1. How did the Church preach to the Jews? Prof. Robert Chazan.

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  1. Michael J. O'Neill says:

    Where can I purchase a copy of Robert Chazan’s lecture, How did the Church preach to the Jews?