Damascus, SyriaIn July 1919 a Syrian Arab Congress, attended by Arabs from the southern parts of the country, i.e. Palestine, had already laid down what was to be the permanent Palestinian Arab point of view, in the two following resolutions-

7. We reject the claims of the Zionists for the establishment of a Jewish commonwealth in that part of southern Syria which is known as Palestine, and we are opposed to Jewish immigration into any part of the country. We do not acknowledge that they have a title, and we regard their claims as a grave menace to our national, political and economic life. Our Jewish fellow-citizens shall continue to enjoy the rights and to bear the responsibilities which are ours in common.

8. We desire that there should be no dismemberment of Syria, and no separation of Palestine or the coastal regions in the west or the Lebanon from the mother country; and we ask that the unity of the country be maintained under any circumstances.

Source- Parkes, James, The Emergence of the Jewish Problem 1878-1939. London- Oxford Univ. Press, 1946.