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Popular Violence

  1. Clifford's Tower YorkIntroduction
    1. Introduction- Popular Violence
  2. Images
    1. Peter the Hermit Leading Knights and Pilgrims, 1096
    2. Clifford’s Tower, York
    3. The Black Death, 1348-49
    4. Jewish Perceptions of Persecution
    5. Jewish Perceptions of Violence
  3. Primary Texts
    1. Worms, 1096, Mainz, Anonymous
    2. Mainz, 1096, Mainz, Anonymous
    3. Xanten, 1096, Solomon bar Simson Chronicle
    4. Germany, 1348-49, Herman Giges’s Fourteenth-Century Narrative
    5. Germany, 1348-49, Heinrich Truchessis’s Fourteenth-Century Narrative
    6. Spain, 1391, Hasdai Crescas Letter
  4. Secondary Literature
    1. R. Chazan, European Jewry and the First Crusade (Berkeley- University of California Press, 1987), 50-84.
    2. R. B. Dobson, The Jews of York and the Massacre of 1190. (York- University of York, 1974).
    3. J. Muller, “Erez gezerah—‘Land of Persecution-’ Pogroms against the Jews in the Regnum Teutonicum from c. 1280 to 1350,” in The Jews of Europe in the Middle Ages (Tenth through Fifteenth Centuries), ed. Christoph Cluse (Turnhout- Brepols, 2004), 105-121.
    4. Y. Baer, A History of the Jews in Christian Spain, trans. Louis Schoffman et al. (2 vols.; Philadelphia- Jewish Publication Society), 2-95-138.
  5. Videos
    1. Jews and the Crusades, Prof. Robert Chazan. Produced by Down Low Pictures for COJS.
    2. What caused the virulent anti-Semitism of medieval Western Christendom? Prof. Robert Chazan. Produced by Down Low Pictures for COJS.
    3. How did external factors lead to anti-Jewish violence? Prof. Robert Chazan.

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