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October 28, 1938 Fate of 120,000 Jews Debated

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Fate of 120,000 Jews Debated

Berlin ― In contradiction to Warsaw reports last night [Oct. 28] that Poland and Germany had reached an agreement on the question, 120,000 Polish Jews today remained under German expulsion orders. Thousands, forced to flee from their German homes, spent last night and today in trains at the Polish frontier and in German prisons and concentration camps. Poland refused to admit them. Eight thousand were in a no man’s land between the frontier posts of Germany and Poland, unable to go backward or forward. The origin of the fight, with the terrified Jews as pawns in the game, was Poland’s decree, effective today, for “inspection” of all passports borne by Poles abroad.

Source: International New York Times. October 30, 2013.

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