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October 12, 1936 End of General Arab Strike

Arab Higher CommitteeThe GOC’s Special Order to the troops was not so fortunate.  It also was issued on the 12th, and a copy was sent to the Press Bureau in the Secretariat, through which communications to the Press were issued.  The Order read:

“The strike and armed rebellion have been called off unconditionally by the Higher Arab Committee as from to-day.  This result is in great measure due to the resolute and energetic action of the three Services, in spite of hampering and difficult circumstances.  Cordial cooperation between them had enabled many severe blows to be inflicted on the rebels, and made it possible to maintain all essential services.  Our thanks are due to the Palestine police, without whose loyal co-operation many of our efforts would have been fruitless.

It is to be hoped that the campaign of murder and banditry will now cease.  For some time, however, it will be necessary for all ranks to keep themselves in readiness for instant action in support of law and order.

“I feel sure that the three Services co-operating under my command will maintain the high reputation which they have already established, and, by the courtesy and consideration they show to the inhabitants of Palestine, assist in the restoration of more normal conditions.”

It must also be admitted that the Arabs had had a remarkable free run for their rebellion.  The conciliation policy of the British and Palestinian governments had been carried to extreme lengths.  The rebellion had been given a six months’ run without the imposition of any intensive measures of repression. In that time the Arabs had killed twenty-five and wounded one hundred and twenty members of H.M. Forces, killed seven and wounded forty British police, and killed nine and wounded sixty-four Palestinian members of the police force; while the whole rebellion had cost at least three hundred dead and thirteen hundred men and women wounded.

Source:  82, p. 283-285.

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