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November 4, 2014 British Antisemitism

“Israel’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the report of Amnesty International ‘accuses Israel of wrongdoing while producing no evidence’ and ‘ignores documented war crimes perpetrated by Hamas,’ the militant Islamist movement that dominates Gaza.

Israeli officials said during and since the bloody battle that Hamas endangered civilians and committed the war crime of human shielding by conducting military operations from homes as well as hospitals, mosques and schools, including several run by the United Nations where weapons were found.

‘The report does not mention the word terror in relation to Hamas or other armed Palestinian groups, nor mention tunnels built by Hamas to infiltrate Israel and perpetrate terror attacks,’ read the statement from Israel’s embassy in London, where the Amnesty report was released. ‘By ignoring the nature of the enemy Israel faced in Gaza –a terror group recognized as such by the European Union, the United States and others –Amnesty’s report fails to contribute to the important discussion needed to solve the conflict.

‘Instead,’ the statement adds, ‘Amnesty serves as a propaganda tool for Hamas and other terror groups.’ …
‘The reported, disproportionate attacks on homes indicate that Israel’s current military tactics are deeply flawed and fundamentally at odds with international humanitarian law,’ said Philip Luther, director of Amnesty’s Middle East and North Africa program, said in a statement accompanying the report which was released just after midnight…
Reuters quoted Mr. Turner, whose agency runs education, health and other services for 70 percent of Gaza’s population, as saying, ‘if we do not have political stability, I think if we do not have a national Palestinian government, I think if we do not have at least an easing of the blockade, yes, there will be another war.’ ”

Source: New York Times November 4, 2014

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