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November 2, 1917 One Complete Palestine from the Mediterranean to Iraq

Transjordan and West Bank of PalestineMr. Leopold S. Amery, one of the Secretaries to the British War Cabinet in 1917 and 1918, and thereafter Under Secretary and Secre­tary of State for the Colonies, gave the following testimony upon this subject to the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry in January, 1946.

“Q. (by Mr. Buxton) the Trans-Jordan was definitely in the minds of the framers of the Balfour Declaration when the declaration was issued? There is no question of that. Palestine embraced Trans-Jordan in the concept of the persons who framed the Balfour Declaration?

“A. Yes. To the best of my recollection, certainly at the time the Cabinet decided on the Balfour Declaration they regarded Transjordan as being within Palestine. They also, I think, regarded it, as probably the whole thing was experimental, that there would be eventually a Jewish majority over the whole of Palestine.

Source: Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry, Jan 30, 1946 (p112)

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