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November 2, 1917 Association with The Balfour Declaration

Balfour Declaration“The first people after Britain and America to associate itself with this declaration (e.g. The Balfour Declaration) was Yugoslavia, or as it was then called, Serbia. Then came the confirmation of France (9 February 1918), Italy (9 May 1918), China (14 December 1918), and many others. Emir Faisal representing the Arabs at the peace conference on behalf of his father, the sheriff of Mecca gave it his blessing.”

Source: The Two-State Solution: The UN Partition Resolution of Mandatory Palestine; Address of Mr. David Ben-Gurion to UNSCOP, 4 July 1947; United Nations, “Official records of the Second Session of the General Assembly,” Supplement no. 11, United Nations Special Committee on Palestine

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