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November 1918 Arab Muslim-Christian Association against Palestine as Jewish National Home

Col. StorrsDeclaration by the Arab Muslim-Christian Association presented to Col. Ronald Storrs, Military Governor of Palestine:

“Palestine, where the Messiah was born and crucified, and which is considered a fatherland by all the world, refuses to be a National Home for the people who did evil unto the Messiah and the whole world. Which people, among whom the Jews have dwelt, has not witnessed massacres and the shedding of blood? History shows what Russia did, and Spain, Germany, France and England against the Jews. Palestine…by no means consent to its mountains being converted into volcanoes spitting fire, and the waters of its Jordan being turned into blood, which will blacken the face of humanity.”

Source: 91, p. 60; 65, pp. 145-146.

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