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November 17, 1938 The Jewish Refugee Deception of President Franklin D. Roosevelt: 1933-1945

“British ambassador Ronald LindsayRonald Lindsay, had been instructed by the Cabinet, called on Sumner Welles [e.g. Under Secretary of State of USA] and formally requested that the American government apply the unused portion of the sixty-thousand quota for British immigrants to German Jewish refugees. Welles dismissed the idea out of hand. The British quota, he informed Lindsay, was for British citizens and no one else.

Lindsay then proceeded to tell Welles that ‘he had been very much disturbed by newspaper reports during the past two days of plans which it was alleged Ambassador Kennedy (e.g. Father of President Kennedy) had presented to the British government for the solution of the refugee question’  ”

Source:  David Nasaw, The Patriarch: The Remarkable Life and Turbulent Times of Joseph P. Kennedy: pp356

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