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November 17, 1938 American Presidents

RooseveltThe Jewish Refugee Deception of President Franklin D. Roosevelt: 1933-1945

“Capital (e.g. U.S.A.) with Immigration Allotment Filled for 14 Months, Help to Reich Jews Must Be Fiscal

Miss Perkins Confers

Says After White House Talk No Decision Has Been Made on Trying to Alter Alien Law

President Roosevelt continued to give consideration today to the question of removing Jews from Germany, but in the face of rigid quotas, which were disclosed to have been filled for months to come, there apparently was little hope that this country at present could do other than help finance the movement proposed in London by Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy.

Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins, emerging from a conference with the President, said that the problem was so serious that a “cautious approach is necessary to be certain we are doing the right thing and that the American people will cooperate.”

She asserted no decision had been made as to attempting a revision of the 1924 Immigration Act because, she said, there has been no crystallization of sentiment among the American people. She disclosed that several members of Congress had talked with her on the question, but said there had been no evidence that agreement upon any one method of approach had been reached.

Source: New York Times. November 18, 1938.

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