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Nazis to Lift Boycott, International Herald Tribune, Apr. 1, 1933.

Nazis to Lift Boycott, International Herald TribuneThe anti-Jewish boycott will be suspended tomorrow evening [April 1] until Wednesday, declared Joseph Goebbels, propaganda minister, in a speech here tonight [March 31]. If by that time, the “atrocity campaign abroad” ceases, the boycott will not be resumed, but if no such change is noted it will be taken up again at 10 o’clock on Wednesday morning “with vigor and vehemence, the like of which has not been seen until now,” the minister added. In order to prevent Jewish proprietors from taking reprisals against Christian employees, the Nazi groups in each Jewish firm have received instructions from the central committee of action to approach the managing directors tomorrow and demand two months’ pay in advance for all Gentile workers. The Nazis are also to see to it that all Jewish employees be discharged without notice and that Christians keep their jobs. Furthermore, at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, all workers in Jewish shops are to leave the premises and demonstrate against the boycott of German goods in foreign countries.

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