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June 1914 General Summons Signatory

Arabs on Defense in JerusalemAn anonymous Palestinian Arab who signed the June, 1914 “General Summons” circulated in Jerusalem:

“Men! Do you want to be slaves and servants to people who are notorious in the world and in history? Do you wish to be slaves to the Zionists who have come to expel you from their country, saying that this country is theirs? Behold, I summon God and his Messenger as witnesses against them that they are liars. They dwelt in this holy land in former times and God sent them from it and forbade them to settle it. Therefore, why are they now craning their necks towards it, wishing to conquer it, after having deserted it for two thousand years? The Zionists desire to settle in our country and to expel us from it. Are you satisfied with this? Do you wish to perish?”

Source: 60, p. 221

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