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June 1, 1938 Sir Charles Tegart’s Wall – Alec Seath Kirkbride

Tegart's WallSir Charles Tegart’s Wall:

The troops (e.g. British) brought the armed bands of Arabs to battle on several occasions and trounced them thoroughly, but experience proved that warfare of this kind did not act as a deterrent but encouraged young villagers who were attracted by prospects of honour and glory to join the rebels. The Arabs had different feelings about the Irish, scotch and English units against whom they fought. They feared and hated the Irish soldiers as people who were inclined to finish off the Arab wounded where they lay; the Scotch were regarded as fierce fighters who sometimes withheld quarter in the heat of battle; the Englishmen were recog­nized as a kind-hearted crowd to whose better feelings it was always possible to appeal.

Source: A Crackle of Thorns: Experiences in the Middle East by Alec Seath Kirkbride Published in Great Britain by John Murray Ltd in 1956, p. 104-107

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