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February 7, 1939 New York Times reports on the London Round Table Conference

London Round Table Conference“London- THE LONG-DELAYED CONFERENCES (e.g. London Round Table) ON PALESTINE, in which the British government will attempt to end the unofficial civil war waged by Arabs and Jews in the Holy Land, will be open by Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain at St. James’s Palace Tuesday. IN ITS FAVORITE ROLE OF THE ‘HONEST BROKER,’ the British government will give the rival delegations ‘a few weeks,’ not months, to reach a peaceful solution of their differences, official sources disclosed today. If the negotiations drag out into an argumentative talkfest and give no promise of success, THE BRITISH WILL STEP IN TO FORCE THEIR OWN SOLUTION ON ARABS AND JEWS ALIKE.”

Source: New York Times February 9, 1939

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