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Excavation Tactics and Strategy, Biblical Archaeology Review (11:1), Jan/Feb 1985.

Masada SynagogueLooking at a dig from a director’s viewpoint

BAR’s January/February issue traditionally contains a catalogue of exciting opportunities for inexperienced as well as experienced volunteers who want to participate in archaeological excavations. An article describing a volunteer’s experience on a dig is usually part of that annual BAR tradition.

This year, however, we’re going to look at the dig from the director’s viewpoint.

While BAR volunteers will be thinking about the meaning of the past, enjoying the wonderful air and sun and sky of the land of Israel, wondering when a blister will pop, and hoping to make the find of the season with the next stroke of the pick, the dig director’s thoughts will be very much elsewhere.

Where and what will he or she dig? What will be the overall strategy? By what tactics will the aims of the excavation be accomplished?

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