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Development of Legal and Exegetical Method (circa 70-3rd century CE)

Greco-Roman Period

  1. From Text to Tradition
    1. Written and Oral Torah
    2. Midrash and Mishnah
    3. Halakhah and Aggadah
  2. Historical surveys
    1. Shaye J.D. Cohen. “Judaism to the Mishnah- 135-220 C.E.” Part II
  3. Primary sources
    1. Josephus, Antiquities XIII, 297- The Pharisees and the Sadducees on the Tradition of the Fathers
    2. Philo, The Special Laws IV, 143-150- Written and Unwritten Law
    3. Mark 7- The Pharisees and Purity
    4. Megillat Ta’anit- The Law and the Sadducees and the Boethusians
    5. Jerusalem Talmud Megillah 4-1 (74a)- Oral and Written Transmission of the Law
    6. Babylonian Talmud Temurah 14b- Prohibition on the Writing of the Oral Law
    7. Sifre Deuteronomy 351- The Antiquity of the Concept of Oral Law
    8. Sifra- The Thirteen Hermeneutical Rules of Rabbi Ishmael
    9. Mishnah Bava Qamma 6-4-5- Restitution for Damage by Fire
    10. Mekhilta of Rabbi Ishmael, Nezeqin 14- Restitution for Damage by Fire
    11. Babylonian Talmud Hagigah 14a- Defining the Aggadah
    12. Jerusalem Talmud Hagigah 1-8 (76a)- Revelation of the Oral Law
    13. Jerusalem Talmud Horayot 3-5 (48c)- The Power of Aggadah
    14. Jerusalem Talmud Sheqalim 5-1 (48c)- Separation of Halakhah and Aggadah

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