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Demographic Movement

  1. Map of Expulsion of Jews from EuropeIntroduction
    1. Introduction- Demographic Movement
  2. Images
    1. Map of Medieval Spanish Jewish Settlement
    2. Map of Medieval Northern European Jewish Settlement
    3. Map of Expulsions from Europe
    4. Map of Medieval Eastern European Jewish Settlement
  3. Primary Texts
    1. Establishment of Jewish Rights throughout France, Rabbi Meir Bar Simon’s Milhemet Mizvah
    2. Purported Movement of Jews from Italy to Rhineland, R. Elazar of Worms’s Twelfth-Century Commentary on Prayers
    3. Invitation of Jews into Flanders, Anonymous Eleventh-Century Hebrew Narrative
    4. Invitation to Speyer, Anonymous Twelfth-Century Hebrew Narrative
    5. Overview of Twelfth-Century Jewish Settlements, Benjamin of Tudela’s Twelfth-Century Travelogue
  4. Secondary Literature
    1. R. Chazan, The Jews of Medieval Western Christendom (Cambridge- Cambridge University Press, 2006), 129-208.
    2. S. W. Baron, A Social and Religious History of the Jews (2 nd ed.; 18 vols.; New York- Columbia University Press, 1952-83), 11-192-283.
    3. D. Iancu-Agou, “Provence- Jewish Settlement, Mobility, and Culture,” in The Jews of Europe in the Middle Ages (Tenth through Fifteenth Centuries), ed. Christoph Cluse (Turnhout- Brepols, 2004), 175-190.
    4. M. Toch, “The Formation of a Diaspora- The Settlement of Jews in the Medieval German Reich,” Aschkenaz 7 (1997)- 55-78.
    5. N. Behrend, At the Gates of Christendom- Jews, Muslims and “Pagans” in Medieval Hungary, c1000-c.1300 (Cambridge- Cambridge University Press, 2001).
  5. Videos
    1. Why did Jews choose to live in Christian Europe? Prof. Robert Chazan. Produced by Down Low Pictures for COJS.
    2. How did European cities develop during the medieval period? Prof. Robert Chazan. Produced by Down Low Pictures for COJS.
    3. Perceptions of Medieval Times, Prof. Robert Chazan. Produced by Down Low Pictures for COJS.

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