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Contemporary Jewish Enmity—Economic Harm

  1. Introduction
    1. Economic Harm
  2. Images
    1. Judas Receiving the Silver
    2. Jewish Money Lending
    3. Jewish Pawn Broking
    4. A Jewish Money Lender in Hell
  3. Primary Texts
    1. Rigord of St. Denis’s Report on 1170’s-1180’s, Early-Thirteenth-Century Chronicle of King Philip Augustus
    2. Pope Innocent III, 1205 Papal Document
    3. Pope Innocent III, 1208 Papal Document
    4. Assault in York, 1190, William of Newburgh’s Early-Thirteenth-Century Latin Narrative
    5. Anti-Usury Agitation in Northern France, 1190’s, Anonymous Early-Thirteenth-Century Latin Narrative
  4. Secondary Literature
    1. S. W. Baron, A Social and Religious History of the Jews (2 nd ed.; 18 vols.; New York- Columbia University Press, 1952-83), 11-139-146.
    2. J. Shatzmiller, Shylock Reconsidered- Jews, Moneylending, and Medieval Society (Berkeley-University of California Press, 1990), 43-70.
    3. S. Lipton, Images of Intolerance- The Representation of Jews and Judaism in the Bible moralisee (Berkeley- University of California Press, 1999), 30-53.

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