Annals of SargonThe Center for Online Judaic Studies is committed to making accessible the riches of the Jewish past through the new technologies of digital photography, digital audio recording and the internet.

The Center for Online Judaic Studies (COJS) has spent the last couple of years compiling the sources which make up the story of the Jewish people. The material encompasses primary sources, newspaper articles, artifacts, images, maps, videos, bibliographies, secondary sources and websites.

We have purposefully not created curriculum. Rather, we have provided materials for individual learning, or in support of developing a curriculum. Read these sources online, print or download to your computer. Add them to a PowerPoint presentation or paste into Word.

This site has been created using WordPress technology. This means that our site is powered by a database which is constantly being updated. We welcome contributions from users of primary and secondary sources, images etc. Please send your suggestions to cojs.web@gmail.com.

The COJS database is a not-for-profit educational website. We follow the fair use doctrine of the U.S. court system when providing material which is under copyright.