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Codex Vaticanus, 350 CE

Codex_Vaticanus (1)

Codex Vaticanus 1


Codex Vaticanus 2

The Codex Vaticanus is one of the oldest versions (4th century CE) of the Greek Bible, containing an almost complete copy of the Septuagint (a Jewish translation of the Bible into Greek). It is missing the book of Genesis. The New Testament is complete except for the books of Revelation, Hebrews 9-14 to the end, the Pastoral Epistles.

The manuscript has been housed in the Vatican Library (founded by Pope Nicholas V in 1448) for as long as it has been known, appearing in its earliest catalog of 1475 and in the 1481 catalogue. In 1809 Napoleon brought it as a victory trophy to Paris, but in 1815 it was returned to the Vatican Library. In 1889 a complete photographic facsimile was published, and the codex became commonly available.

The earliest extant Christian version of the Ten Commandments is in the Codex Vaticanus.

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