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British Military Rule, 1918-1922

Herbert Samuel

  1. Overview
    1. The Peace Conference and the Mandate for Palestine, Notes from Albright, et al, Palestine- A Study of Jewish, Arab and British Policies, Vol. I, Yale University Press, 1947.
    2. Promises, Claims and Rights, Notes from Albright, et al, Palestine- A Study of Jewish, Arab and British Policies, Vol. I, Yale University Press, 1947.
    3. The White Paper of 1922, Notes from Albright, et al, Palestine- A Study of Jewish, Arab and British Policies, Vol. I, Yale University Press, 1947.
    4. The Story- 1914-1948,
  2. Primary sources
    1. Excerpts from a Speech by Neville Chamberlain at the Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham, Oct. 13th 1918.
    2. Declaration by the Arab Muslim-Christian Association presented to Col. Ronald Storrs, Military Governor of Palestine, Nov. 1918.
    3. Statement of the Syrian Delegation to the Peace Conference, Feb. 13, 1919.
    4. Aref Pasha Dajani, Speech to the King-Crane Commission, June 18, 1919.
    5. Resolutions 7 and 8 of the Syrian Arab Congress, July 1919.
    6. British Limits on Immigration
    7. Quotes by Lord George Nathaniel Curzon, British Foreign Secretary, Regarding the Establishment of the Palestine Mandate, March 1920.
    8. Herbert Samuel Signs for Palestine, June 30, 1920.
    9. Lord Arthur Balfour’s Speech, July 12, 1920, Excerpt from Palestine Royal Commission Report (Peel Commission) (Cmd. 5479) – July 1937.
    10. Public Statement, American Jewish Committee, Dec. 1, 1920.
    11. Letter from George V to the People of Palestine.
    12. Acquisition of Land in the Jezreel Valley, 1920-1921, 30 Zionist Landmarks, Central Zionist Archives.
    13. Franco-British Convention , Dec. 23, 1920.
    14. Letter from Israel Zangwill to Dr. M. Soloweitschik and R. Rosenbaum, July 20, 1921.
    15. Draft Mandates for Mesopotamia and Palestine- As Submitted for the Approval of the League of Nations, 1921.
    16. The National Government of Moab (Jordan, 1920-1)
    17. Excerpt from a Memorandum Submitted by Mousa Kasem El-Hussaini to the Executive Committee of the Haifa Congress, Mar. 28, 1921.
    18. Winston Churchill’s Reply to Mousa Kasem El-Hussaini , 1921.
    19. Excerpt from the Report by the Commission of Inquiry into the Jaffa Riots, May 1921.
    20. Albert Einstein on Assimilation and Nationalism, 1921.
    21. Excerpt from a Speech Delivered by Sir Winston Churchill, Secretary of State for the Colonies, to the House of Commons, July 11, 1922.
    22. League of Nations Mandate for Palestine, July 24, 1922.
    23. Palestine Correspondence with the Palestine Arab Delegation and the Zionist Organization (Cmd. 1700) (White Paper of 1922) – June 1, 1922.
    24. Mandate for Palestine- Letter from Secretary to the Cabinet to Secretary General of League of Nations of July 1, 1922, Cmd. 1708 – 1922.
    25. Article 25 of the British Mandate Memorandum by the British Representative, Sep. 16, 1922. In this memorandum, presented to the the League of Nations by the British government, the British stated that Transjordan would be excluded from all the provisions dealing with Jewish settlement.
    26. Speech by Albert Einstein Regarding the Necessity of a Jewish University, Singapore, Oct. 1922.
    27. Great Britain and Iraq- Excerpts from Churchill’s Papers, 1921-1922. Click here for more on The Creation and History of Iraq.
    28. Resettlement Handbook. Includes guidance on vocational training, resettlement grants, surplus military stores and permanent housing.
    29. The Whittling Down of Palestine
  3. Newspaper articles
    1. Mr. Marshall and Dr. Adler Return From France, The Jewish Exponent, Aug. 1, 1919.
    2. The Memory of Zion, The Jewish Exponent, Aug. 1, 1919.
    3. Jewish World Notes, Ford International Weekly (Dearborn Independent), Apr. 2, 1921.
  4. Secondary sources
    1. The Lights that Failed- European International History 1919-1933, Zara S. Steiner p.361-362.
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    4. Mufti over the Middle East, M.P. Waters, H. Barber, London. Click here for more on The Mufti of Jerusalem and Yasser Arafat.
    5. Edmund de Rothschild, Hadassah Levy, COJS.
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    8. Excerpt from A Broken Trust- Herbert Samuel, Zionism and the Palestinians, 1920-1925, Sahar Huneidi, Library of Modern Middle East Studies 15, I.B. Tauris, 2001.
  5. Images
    1. Chaim Weizmann
    2. Rachel Bluwstein
    3. Versailles Peace Treaty, Title Page
    4. Chaim Weizmann and Emir Feisal, 1918
    5. R.E. Officers at the Official Opening of the Allenby Bridge, 1918
    6. Herbert Samuel Arrives in Palestine, 1920.
    7. Herbert Samuel Walking into Jaffa, 1920
    8. Dreyfus Soup Kitchen, Feb. 1921
    9. Straus Soup Kitchen, Feb. 1921
    10. Soup Kitchen in Safed, 1921
    11. Albert Einstein and Leaders of the World Zionist Organization, 1921
    12. Government House Reception, Mar. 28, 1921
  6. Maps
    1. Major Pogrom Centers during the Russian Civil War, 1918-1921.
    2. Jewish National Home Determined by San Remo Conference, 1920.
    3. The Middle East – San Remo Agreement – 1920
    4. British Mandate in Palestine, 1920
  7. Videos
    1. Ya’acov Ben Dov- Father of the Hebrew Film, Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive
    2. The British Mandate in Palestine
  8. Websites
    1. Allenby’s account of the capture of Jerusalem
    2. Allenby’s Proclamation
    3. First World
    4. Lawrence of Arabia
    5. Library of Congress- Churchill and the Great Republic
    6. T.E. Lawrence Studies
    7. Winston Churchill Falls from Political Power in 1922
    8. The World War I Document Archive

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