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Autumn 1934 Arab Executive Complains to High Commissioner

No to Jewish Homeland“…. In the autumn of 1934 the Arab Executive submitted to the High Commissioner a formal expression of their view that the safeguards for Arab interest embodied in the Mandate had broken down.  A campaign, in which the Supreme Moslem Council took an active part, was set on foot to prevent more Arab land passing into Jewish hands. Small landowners were persuaded to register their lands as family awqaf to preclude alienation.  One particular contract for the sale of 5,000 dunums to Jews was cancelled at the direct instance of the Supreme Moslem Council.  Arabs accused of facilitating the sale of land to Jews were denounced in the mosques, at public meetings and in the Press as traitors to the nation.  An Arab bank was started with a capital of £60,000 for the development of Arab land or its exclusion from alien purchase.  Attempts were made, moreover, by organized trespass and fictitious litigation, to prevent the settlement of Jews on land they had already bought.”

Source:  70, p. 86-87.

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