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April 17, 2006 Gaza Murderers

April 17, 2006 Islamic Murder, Mayhem, and Mutilation


GAZA, May 1 (UPI) — Palestinian jihadists say a Florida Jewish teenaged boy injured by a suicide bomber in Tel Aviv was an ideal target based on his religion and nationality. Daniel Wultz, 16, remains comatose two weeks after the attack killed nine people and injured more than 60 others.

Abu Nasser, a leader of the Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, one of the groups claiming to be responsible for the blast, told WorldNetDaily that Wultz was the “best target combination we can dream of — American and Zionist.

“We are sorry there was not more of this stuff,” Nasser said. “This is the ideal target. He is a young American who came to encourage the enemy to continue his war against us,” Abu Nasser said.

Meanwhile, Abu Ayman, a leader of the Islamic Jihad, which also took responsibility for the April 17 bombing, threatened U.S. citizens and Jews worldwide, and said he regretted Wultz is still alive.

Source: United Press International (UPI), May 1, 2006.

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