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Another Sharp Weapon (cartoon), Falastin, July 10, 1936.

Another Sharp Weapon.jpg

Another Sharp Weapon

Ormsby Gore– I have done all I could for your people; about 2000 arabs have been arrested of whom nearly 800 have been convicted and the rest are awaiting trial; 200 more have been sent to the concentration camp at Sarafand; all emergency regulations have been inflicted on Arab towns & villages; crops, chickens, eggs, cattle and animals have been siezed; houses in Lydda and Hebron and many other villages have been destroyed; the old city of Jaffa has been blown up and all the Arab papers have been suspended. What more can I do for you??

Esther- One more little favour darling! that the collective punishment should also include the seizure of arab land…

Weizmann- This is very easy to do…

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