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1952 Father of the Jihadist movement, Sayyed Qutb

Jihad/ Christianity

The father of the jihadist movement, Sayyed Qutb of Egypt, wrote in 1952:

“The death of those who are killed for the cause of God gives more impetus to the cause, which continues to thrive on their blood.”  The cause of which he speaks is to “ESTABLISH A [MUSLIM] STATE” THAT “SETS MORAL VALUES,” “ABOLISH[ES] MAN-MADE LAWS” AND THAT WOULD IMPOSE, BY FORCE IF NECESSARY, THE ISLAMIC SYSTEM on “all human beings, whether they be rulers or ruled, black or white, poor or rich, ignorant or learned.”

Source: Iraq’s Future and the War on Terrorism, Senator Joe Lieberman, speaking to Foundation of the Defense of Democracies and Committee on the Present danger, June 16, 2004.

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