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July 1, 2006 Palestine

July 1, 2006 Islam Says No to Jewish Homeland and State of Israel


The al-Jazeera network on Saturday night aired a special film on the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, in which Muhammad Deif, assuming it was indeed him, gave an interview to the network’s reporter, wearing a red kaffiyah (square cotton headkerchief.)

We are a nation which has been defeated, deprived and expelled from our lands, and we are operating to obtain what we deserve – what we had before 1948. Then there was no state called Israel. This occupation state was founded due to a United Nations decision. One can still see that all the UN rules apply to the weak side and not to the Israeli entity,” he said.

“The Jew who came to the land of Palestine is a murderer and an occupier and he is the one we fight, but we have no connection to the Jew living in his synagogue in Britain or America. If he comes here, we will fight him,” Jabri continued.

The film provides a unique view of the capabilities of the military arm, or Hamas’ army. As part of the film, viewers could be impressed by the movement’s weapon manufacturing laboratories, which include frag grenades, anti-tank rockets, Qassam rockets, explosive devices and powerful explosives.

Source: Ynet News, “Muhammad Deif presents: Hamas’ military academy,” July 3, 2006

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